About Us

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

“Quilts By Rebecca” is my home-based quilting business, and I’d like to help you create your quilt!

I am a mother, a registered nurse, an Army Veteran, and the wife of a service member.  “Quilts By Rebecca” is not just my business, it is my passion.

In 2009, I started sewing quilt tops together with my best friend as my instructor – and I was immediately hooked! Since then I have been advancing different sewing and quilting techniques and skills.

I expanded into doing t-shirt quilts (“memories” quilts), piecing tops, embroidery, and English Paper Piecing (hand sewing).

I was also honored to participate in the Quilts For Valor program, providing quilts for Service Veterans in honor of their service to America.

I now own a full room-sized Handi Quilter Amara, a computerized quilting machine that enables me to create and finish full sized quilts for myself and for others – and I can handle virtually any size quilt one could want. What started as a hobby became my passion, and quilting is also a very calming activity for me, especially in these crazy times.  This has developed into a love for helping people bring their ideas alive by creating them in unique quilts. I would love to help you, too.

Here are just some of the services I can work with you to provide:

  • Bindings for your quilts
  • Assembling tops
  • Simple to detailed embroidery for your quilts
  • T-shirt (memories) quilts
  • Quilting – I have the thread and batting available
  • I can create a quilt for you, or
  • I can also work with you on your creation (it might become your passion, too)