About Longarm Quilting

Not enough time to quilt all your tops?

Prefer piecing quilt tops, but don’t enjoy quilting them?

Tired of wrestling those large quilts under your domestic sewing machine?

I would love to help you!!!

Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. Longarm quilting machines have the most throat space available Quilting using a longarm machine can take significantly less time than hand quilting or more traditional machine quilting. The massive, industrial-looking sewing machine head moves across the stationary quilt sandwich creating the stitched designs that secure the quilt layers together forever.

Computerized long arm quilting has added another layer to this process.  Can now make more uniformed designs, and endless options of designs also.

It is important that you prepare your quilt properly before giving it to me.

  • Clip the quilt top and backing of loose threads, front and back. These can cause problems with uneven stitching and snags. On lighter fabrics, loose threads on the back side of the top will show though.
  • Use 1/2 inch seam for seamed backing
  • Press the quilt top and backing with seams pressed open or to one side so that seams lay as flat as possible
  • Do not baste your quilt! Do not even pin baste your quilt! All layers must be separate.
  • Backing should be at least 3" larger than the top on all sides
  • Batting should be 3" larger on all sides, and it should be square with straight edges
  • Identify the head of the quilt top and back with a safety pin, if the quilt is directional
  • I'll do my best to blend tucks, puckers and stretched areas

Thread:  I would prefer to us my thread, I have a wide variety to choose from.  $6.50  charge per quilt, or you can furnish the thread as long as works with my machine.

Batting Suggestions:

  • Warm and White, Warm and Natural, Hobbs Heirloom Cotton Batting
  • Quilter's Dream Select Poly,  Quilter's Dream Select Cotton

Batting Options

You can supply your own or I have the following options:

Quilters Dream Batting

  • Dream Blend (70% Cotton blend with 30% Fine Denier Poly Microfibers)
    • Queen $11.50/yd
    • King $14.00/yd
  • Quilters Dream Black  --rich black batting that is wonderful with dark and bright colored fabrics.  It is highly recommended for use with all black fabrics.
    • Queen $14.00/yd
  • Wool- May be machine washed and dried on cold setting without shrinkage.  To prevent the loss of the beautiful loft- avoid ironing or using heat.
    • Queen $15.00/yd